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Mirabel baby Encanto Baby Girl Costume

Mirabel baby Encanto Baby Girl Costume

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Carter's Size Guide


Size Height (inches) Height (cm) Weight (lb) Weight (kg)
Newborn (NB) Up to 21.5 Up to 54.61 5 - 8 2.2 - 3.6
3M 21.5 - 24 54.61 - 60.96 8 - 12.5 3.6 - 5.6
6M 24 - 26.5 60.96 - 67.31 12.5 - 16.5 5.6 - 7.4
9M 26.5 - 28.5 67.31 - 72.39 16.5 - 20.5 7.4 - 9.2
12M 28.5 - 30.5 72.39 - 77.47 20.5 - 24.5 9.2 - 11.1
18M 30.5 - 34 77.47 - 82.55 24.5 - 27.5 11.1 - 12.4
24M 32.5 - 34 82.55 - 88.36 27.5 - 30  12.4 - 13.6



Introducing our Mirabel Inspired Princess Baby Costume!

Transform your little one into the enchanting Mirabel from Encanto with our delightful Mirabel Princess Baby Costume. Crafted with attention to detail and designed for comfort, this ensemble captures the spirit of Mirabel's magical world.

Key Features:

  1. Vibrant Bodysuit (Newborn to 24 Months):

    • Our white Carters bodysuit with a floral touch design, available in sizes from newborn to 24 months, is not just an outfit; it's the foundation of a whimsical look inspired by Mirabel's character.
  2. Floral Headband:

    • The included floral headband adds a touch of tropical elegance, completing the Mirabel-inspired ensemble and making your baby girl look ready for an Encanto adventure.
  3. Colorful Bloomer with Ruffles (Front and Back):

    • The royal Blue skirt wit diaper in the bottom is a standout feature of this costume. It adds charm and playfulness, capturing the essence of Mirabel's vibrant personality.
  4. Barefoot Sandals:

    • The costume is complete with adorable barefoot sandals, adding a final touch of tropical elegance to your baby's outfit.

Ordering Made Easy: Ordering the Mirabel Princess Baby Costume is a straightforward process:

  1. Choose your desired size and quantity from the dropdown checkout menus.
  2. Add the costume to your cart.
  3. Make your payment securely through PayPal, credit, or debit card.
  4. Submit your order.

Quality and Commitment: Our Mirabel Princess Baby Costume is crafted with quality commercial-grade materials, ensuring long-lasting wear. We take pride in our work and are committed to providing you with a great product.

Care Instructions: To maintain the quality and appearance of the Mirabel Princess Baby Costume, machine wash it in cold water, inside out, and tumble dry on a low setting. Following these care instructions will help ensure that your little princess's outfit remains beautiful and comfortable.

Dress your little one in the joyous spirit of Mirabel's adventures with our Mirabel Princess Baby Costume. Celebrate your baby girl's playful charm by choosing an outfit that captures the essence of Encanto's magic. Shop now and make her feel like the princess of her own magical world!

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